Man pages for newsanchor
Client for the News API

build_newsanchor_urlBuilds query URL for
collapse_to_comma_separatedConcatenate character vector to comma-separated string.
extract_newsanchor_articlesExtracts data frame with News API articles from response...
extract_newsanchor_metadataExtracts metadata.
extract_newsanchor_sourcesExtracts data frame with News API sources from response...
get_everythingGet resources of
get_everything_allReturns all articles from in one data frame
get_headlinesReturns selected headlines from
get_headlines_allReturns all headlines from
get_sourcesReturns selected sources from
make_newsanchor_get_requestMakes a GET request to News API.
parse_newsanchor_contentParses content returned by query to the News API.
sample_responseSample Response Object
set_api_keyAdd API key to the .Renviron
stop_if_invalid_categoryChecks validity of a category.
stop_if_invalid_countryChecks validity of a country
stop_if_invalid_languageChecks validity of a language
stop_if_invalid_sourceChecks validity of a source
terms_categoryTerms Category
terms_countryTerms Country
terms_languageTerms Language
terms_sourcesTerms Sources
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