Man pages for nhdR
Tools for Working with the National Hydrography Dataset

bbox2polyConvert a bounding box to polygon
extract_networkReturn nhd plus stream network upstream of a waterbody
find_vpuFind VPU
great_lakesData and spatial polygons of the Great Lakes
gullList of simple features lake polygons and flowlines within a...
gull_flowFlowlines within a buffer around Gull Lake Michigan including...
leaf_reachesReturn leaf reaches from a network or query intersecting lake
mendotaList of simple features lake polygons and flowlines within a...
mendota_networkUpstream flowlines connected to Lake Mendota.
nhd_getDownload and cache NHD data by state
nhd_infoReturn NHD layer metadata and field listing
nhd_listList available locally cached NHD layers per state
nhd_loadLoad NHD layers into current session
nhd_plus_getDownload and cache NHDplus data by vector processing unit
nhd_plus_infoReturn NHDplus layer metadata and field listing
nhd_plus_listList available locally cached NHDplus layers per state
nhd_plus_loadLoad NHDplus layers into current session
nhd_plus_querySelect NHDplus features via polygon or circular buffer of...
nhd_querySelect NHD features clipped by a circular buffer a coordinate...
nhdR-packageR interface to the National Hydrography Dataset
select_point_overlaySelect features clipped by a point buffer around a point
select_poly_overlaySelect features clipped by a polygon
sunapeeList of simple features lake polygons and flowlines within a...
sunapee_networkUpstream flowlines connected to Lake Sunapee.
terminal_reachesReturn terminal reaches from collection intersecting lake
toUTMRe-project to appropriate UTM zone
vpu_shpLow-res simple features data frame of the NHDPlus vector...
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