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nilde provides functions for enumerating all existing nonnegative integer solutions of a linear Diophantine equation. The package also includes functions for solving 0-1, bounded and unbounded knapsack problems; 0-1, bounded and unbounded subset sum problems; and a problem of additive partitioning of natural numbers. The algorithm is based on a generating function of Hardy and Littlewood used by Voinov and Nikulin (1997).


Natalya Pya Arnqvist[aut, cre], Vassilly Voinov [aut], Rashid Makarov [aut], Yevgeniy Voinov [aut]

Maintainer: Natalya Pya Arnqvist <>


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Voinov, V. and Pya, N. (2017) R-software for additive partitioning of positive integers. Mathematical Journal (ISSN 1682-0525), 17(1), 69-76

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