nlreg: Higher Order Inference for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models

Likelihood inference based on higher order approximations for nonlinear models with possibly non constant variance

AuthorS original by Alessandra R. Brazzale <> and Ruggero Bellio <>. R port by Alessandra R. Brazzale <>, following earlier work by Douglas Bates.
Date of publication2014-04-03 14:00:52
MaintainerAlessandra R. Brazzale <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2) | file LICENCE

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Man pages

all.profiles.nlreg: Support for function 'profile.nlreg'

C1: Six Herbicide Data Sets

chlorsulfuron: Chlorsulfuron Data

coef.nlreg: Use coef() on a 'nlreg' object

contour.all.nlreg.profiles: Contour Method for 'nlreg' Objects

daphnia: 'Daphnia Magna' Data

Dmean: Differentiate the Mean Function of a Nonlinear Model

Dvar: Differentiate the Variance Function of a Nonlinear Model

expInfo: Returns the Expected Information Matrix - Generic Function

expInfo.nlreg: Expected Information Matrix for 'nlreg' Objects

fitted.nlreg: Use fitted() on a 'nlreg' object

helicopter: Helicopter Data

logLik.nlreg: Compute the Log Likelihood for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic...

metsulfuron: Metsulfuron Methyl Data

mpl: Maximum Adjusted Profile Likelihood Estimation - Generic...

mpl.nlreg: Maximum Adjusted Profile Likelihood Estimates for a 'nlreg'...

mpl.object: Maximum Adjusted Profile Likelihood Object

nlreg: Fit a Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Model via Maximum Likelihood

nlreg.contours.object: Contour Object for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models

nlreg.diag: Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Model Diagnostics

nlreg.object: Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Model Object

nlreg-package: Higher Order Inference for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models

nlreg.profile.objects: Profile Objects for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models

obsInfo: Returns the Observed Information Matrix - Generic Function

obsInfo.nlreg: Observed Information Matrix for 'nlreg' Objects

param: Extract All Parameters from a Model - Generic Function

param.nlreg: Use param() on a 'nlreg' object

plot.nlreg.contours: Use plot() on a 'nlreg.contours' object

plot.nlreg.diag: Diagnostic Plots for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models

plot.nlreg.profiles: Use plot() on a 'profile.nlreg' and 'all.profiles.nlreg'...

print.mpl: Use print() on a 'mpl' object

print.nlreg: Use print() on a 'nlreg' object

print.nlreg.contours: Use print() on a 'nlreg.contours' object

print.nlreg.profiles: Use print() on a 'nlreg.profile' and 'all.nlreg.profiles'...

print.summary.mpl: Use print() on a 'summary.mpl' object

print.summary.nlreg: Use print() on a 'summary.nlreg' object

print.summary.nlreg.profiles: Use print() on a 'summary.nlreg.profile' and...

profile.nlreg: Profile Method for 'nlreg' Objects

qStheta: Support for 'nlreg' package of 'hoa' bundle

residuals.nlreg: Use residuals() on a 'nlreg' object

ria: Radioimmunoassay Data

summary.all.nlreg.profiles: Summary Method for Objects of Class 'all.nlreg.profiles'

summary.mpl: Summary Method for 'mpl' Objects

summary.nlreg: Summary Method for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models

summary.nlreg.profile: Summary Method for Objects of Class 'nlreg.profile'

var2cor: Convert Covariance Matrix to Correlation Matrix - Generic...

var2cor.nlregmpl: Use var2cor() on a 'nlreg' and 'mpl' object


all.nlreg.profiles.object Man page
all.profiles.nlreg Man page
C1 Man page
C2 Man page
C3 Man page
C4 Man page
chlorsulfuron Man page
coef.nlreg Man page
contour.all.nlreg.profiles Man page
daphnia Man page
Dmean Man page
Dvar Man page
expInfo Man page
expInfo.nlreg Man page
fitted.nlreg Man page
fitted.values.nlreg Man page
helicopter Man page
logLik.nlreg Man page
M2 Man page
M4 Man page
metsulfuron Man page
mpl Man page
mpl.nlreg Man page
mpl.object Man page
nlreg Man page
nlreg.contours.object Man page
nlreg.diag Man page
nlreg.diag.plots Man page
nlreg.object Man page
nlreg-package Man page
nlreg.profile.object Man page
obsInfo Man page
obsInfo.nlreg Man page
param Man page
param.nlreg Man page
plot.all.nlreg.profiles Man page
plot.nlreg.contours Man page
plot.nlreg.diag Man page
plot.nlreg.profile Man page
print.all.nlreg.profiles Man page
print.mpl Man page
print.nlreg Man page
print.nlreg.contours Man page
print.nlreg.profile Man page
print.nlreg.profiles Man page
print.summary.all.nlreg.profiles Man page
print.summary.mpl Man page
print.summary.nlreg Man page
print.summary.nlreg.profile Man page
print.summary.nlreg.profiles Man page
profile.nlreg Man page
qhat.nlreg Man page
resid.nlreg Man page
residuals.nlreg Man page
ria Man page
Shat.nlreg Man page
summary.all.nlreg.profiles Man page
summary.mpl Man page
summary.nlreg Man page
summary.nlreg.profile Man page
theta.deriv Man page
var2cor Man page
var2cor.mpl Man page
var2cor.nlreg Man page
var2cor.summary.mpl Man page
var2cor.summary.nlreg Man page


nlreg/R/nlreg.R nlreg/R/zzz.R
nlreg/man/expInfo.Rd nlreg/man/summary.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/profile.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/var2cor.nlregmpl.Rd nlreg/man/metsulfuron.Rd nlreg/man/summary.mpl.Rd nlreg/man/print.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/fitted.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/chlorsulfuron.Rd nlreg/man/print.summary.mpl.Rd nlreg/man/print.nlreg.profiles.Rd nlreg/man/param.Rd nlreg/man/print.summary.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/nlreg.object.Rd nlreg/man/logLik.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/daphnia.Rd nlreg/man/coef.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/all.profiles.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/mpl.Rd nlreg/man/Dmean.Rd nlreg/man/plot.nlreg.profiles.Rd nlreg/man/nlreg-package.Rd nlreg/man/nlreg.profile.objects.Rd nlreg/man/residuals.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/param.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/nlreg.contours.object.Rd nlreg/man/print.mpl.Rd nlreg/man/ria.Rd nlreg/man/plot.nlreg.diag.Rd nlreg/man/helicopter.Rd nlreg/man/expInfo.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/obsInfo.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/var2cor.Rd nlreg/man/C1.Rd nlreg/man/Dvar.Rd nlreg/man/mpl.object.Rd nlreg/man/summary.all.nlreg.profiles.Rd nlreg/man/nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/contour.all.nlreg.profiles.Rd nlreg/man/print.summary.nlreg.profiles.Rd nlreg/man/summary.nlreg.profile.Rd nlreg/man/plot.nlreg.contours.Rd nlreg/man/mpl.nlreg.Rd nlreg/man/qStheta.Rd nlreg/man/nlreg.diag.Rd nlreg/man/print.nlreg.contours.Rd nlreg/man/obsInfo.Rd

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