Man pages for nlsrk
Runge-Kutta Solver for Function nls()

dfdtRight Side of a first order ODE
evrungeNumerical Runge-Kutta Solver (multi point, multivariate)
frungeNumeric solution of an ODE (univariate)
kmkmck-Mc Kendrick SIR system
logisLogistic growth of bacteria
logis.donLogistic growth of bacteria
multirungeRunge-Kutta numerical solver (single point, multivariate)
nlscontourContour plot for nonlinear least squares
nlsmodelcalculate a model as defined in nls for the set of parameters...
nlsrk-packageRunge-Kutta package for nls
plot.nlsrkPlot of multivariate data fitted by the nlsrk package
preparePrepares a multivariate data set for use in nls / evrunge
summary.nlsgridSummary method for objects of class nlsgrid(nlsrk)
sysRight side of a first order differential equation system...
syslinPharmacokinetics : intramuscular injection
syslin.donIntra muscular injection (columns)
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