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Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

add.testLagrange multiplier test for additivity in a timeseries
contingency.periodogramThe contingency periodogram for periodicity in categorical...
lin.order.clsThe order of a time series using cross-validation of the...
lin.testA Tukey one-degree-of-freedom test for linearity in time...
ll.edmNonlinear forecasting of local polynomial 'empirical dynamic...
ll.orderConsistent nonlinear estimate of the order using local...
lpxUtility function
mkxUtility function
plodiaTime series of Meal Moth abundance
plot.contingency.periodogramPlot contingency periodograms
plot.lin.orderPlot linear cross-validation for time-series order
plot.ll.orderPlot nonparametric cross-validation for time-series order
plot.lombPlot Lomb periodograms
plot.ppllPlot function for prediction profile objects
plot.specar.ciPlot ar-spectra with CI's
portman.QLjung-Box test for whiteness in a time series.
prediction.profile.llNonlinear forecasting at varying lags using local polynomial...
predict.ll.orderPredict values from ll.order object.
print.ll.orderPrint nonparametric cross-validation for time-series order
specar.ciConfidence interval for the ar-spectrum and the dominant...
spec.lombThe Lomb periodogram for unevenly sampled data
summary.lin.orderSummarize linear cross-validation for time-series order
summary.ll.orderSummarize nonparametric cross-validation for time-series...
summary.lombSummarizes Lomb periodograms
summary.specar.ciSummarize ar-spectra with CI's
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