nnetpredint: Prediction Intervals of Multi-Layer Neural Networks

Computing prediction intervals of neural network models (e.g.backpropagation) at certain confidence level. It can take the output from models trained by other packages like 'nnet', 'neuralnet', 'RSNNS', etc.

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AuthorXichen Ding <rockingdingo@gmail.com>
Date of publication2015-12-21 21:35:34
MaintainerXichen Ding <rockingdingo@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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activate Man page
activateDeri Man page
calcSigmaEst Man page
checkInput Man page
getJacobianMatrix Man page
getOutVectList Man page
getParaGrad Man page
getPredInt Man page
getPredVal Man page
jacobian Man page
jacobian.default Man page
jacobian.nn Man page
jacobian.nnet Man page
jacobian.rsnns Man page
nnetPredInt Man page
nnetPredInt.default Man page
nnetPredInt.nn Man page
nnetPredInt.nnet Man page
nnetPredInt.rsnns Man page
parGetParaGrad Man page
parOutVectGradMat Man page
sigmoid Man page
sigmoidDeri Man page
tanhDeri Man page
tanhFunc Man page
transModelWts Man page
transWeightListToVect Man page
transWeightPara Man page
transWeightPara2 Man page

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