noctua-package: noctua: a DBI interface into Athena using paws SDK

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noctua: a DBI interface into Athena using paws SDK


noctua provides a seamless DBI interface into Athena using the R package paws.

Goal of Package

The goal of the noctua package is to provide a DBI-compliant interface to Amazon’s Athena using paws software development kit (SDK). This allows for an efficient, easy setup connection to Athena using the paws SDK as a driver.

AWS Command Line Interface

As noctua is using paws as it's backend, AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) can be used to remove user credentials when interacting with Athena.

This allows AWS profile names to be set up so that noctua can connect to different accounts from the same machine, without needing hard code any credentials.


Maintainer: Dyfan Jones

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