Man pages for nonmemica
Create and Evaluate NONMEM Models in a Project Context

absoluteCheck if File Path is Absolute
as.bestConvert to Best of Numeric or Character
as.bootstrapCreate a Bootstrap Table
as.bootstrap.numericCreate Bootstrap from Numeric
as.character.initCoerce init to character
as.character.initsCoerce inits to character
as.character.itemsCoerce Items to Character
as.character.modelCoerce NONMEM Control Object to character Half Matrix to Data Frame
as.halfmatrixCoerce to Half Matrix
as.halfmatrix.defaultCoerce to Half Matrix by Default
as.halfmatrix.halfmatrixCoerce Half Matrix to Half Matrix
as.initCoerce to init
as.init.numericCoerces numeric to init
as.initsCoerce to inits
as.inits.numericCoerce numeric to inits
as.itemsConvert to Items
as.items.characterConvert to Items from Character
as.list.modelCoerce model to list
as.matricesCoerce to List of Matrices
as.matrices.initsCoerce to Matrices from Inits
as.matrices.recordsCoerce to List of Matrices from Records
as.matrix.halfmatrixCoerce Half Matrix to Matrix
as.modelCoerce to NONMEM Control Object
as.model.numericCoerce to Model from Numeric
as.omegaExtract Omegas Omegas from Model
as.sigmaExtract Sigmas
as.sigma.modelExtract Sigmas from Model
as.tabExtract Tables Tables from Model
as.thetaExtract Thetas
as.theta.modelExtract Thetas from Model
as.xml_documentCreate an xml_document in a Project Context
as.xml_document.numericCoerce numeric to xml_document
butIdentify a Distinctive Feature
but.defaultIdentify the Distinctive Feature of a Model
cash-.initSelect init element
cash-set-.initSet init element
commentsExtract Comments
comwidthCalculate Comment Widths Calculates comment widths.
comwidth.characterCalculate Comment Widths for Character
comwidth.initsCalculate Comment Widths for Inits
comwidth.itemsCalculate Comment Widths for Items
comwidthOneCalculate Comment Widths for One Element
comwidthOne.characterCalculate Comment Widths for One Element of Character
containsCheck Whether Text Contains Pattern
datafileIdentify Datafile
datafile.characterIdentify the Datafile for a Model
datafile.numericIdentify Datafile from Numeric
definitionsHarvest Model Item Definitions
definitions.numericCreate Model Item Definitions from Number.
dependsIdentify What Something Depends On
depends.defaultIdentify Model Dependencies
encloseEnclose in Arbitrary Characters
errorsGet Errors
errors.characterGet Errors for Character
errors.numericGet Errors for Numeric
estimatesGet Estimates
estimates.characterGet Estimates for Character
estimates.numericGet Estimates for Numeric
fixedCheck if something is fixed
fixed.modelCheck If Model is Fixed
fixed-setSet value of fixed attribute
fixed-set-.initSet fixed init value
fixed-set-.initsSet fixed attribute of inits
fixed-set-.modelSet fixed attribute of model
format.initFormat init
format.initsFormat inits
format.itemsFormat Items
format.modelFormat model
generalizeGeneralize a Nonmissing Value
grapes-contains-grapesCheck Whether x contains y
halfFind Half of Something
half.matrixFind Half of Matrix
initDexIdentify Indices of Initial Estimates
initDex.modelIdentify Indices of Initial Estimates in model
initialGet Initial Value
initial.modelGet Model Initial Estimates
initial-setSet Initial Value
initial-set-.modelSet Upper Bounds for Model Initial Estimates
initSubscriptsIdentify Subscripts
initSubscripts.modelIdentify Subscripts of Initial Estimates in model
is.definedCheck Whether Elements are Defined
is.squareTest If Something is Square
is.square.matrixTest If Matrix is Square
likeIdentify What Something is Like
likebutModify a Model
like.defaultIdentify the Relevant Reference Model
locfImpute Missing Vector Values
lowerGet Lower Value
lower.modelGet Lower Bounds for Model Initial Estimates
lower-setSet Lower Value
lower-set-.modelSet Lower Bounds for Model Initial Estimates
maxWidthsCalculate Maximum Widths
maxWidths.listCalculate Maximum Widths for List
metaGet Metadata
meta.characterGet Metadata for Character
meta.numericGet Metadata for Numeric
metaplot_characterMetaplot Character, Standard Evaluation
metaplot.characterMetaplot Character
metaplot.numericMetaplot Numeric
metasupersetRetrieve Model Outputs with Metadata
modeldirIdentify the Directory for a Model
modelfileIdentify the Modelfile for a Model
modelpathResolve A Path to a Model-related File
modelpath.characterResolve A Path to a Model-related File for Character
modelpath.numericResolve A Path to a Model-related File for Numeric
ninputCalculate Number of Inputs
ninput.characterCalculate Number of Inputs for Character
ninput.numericCalculate Number of Inputs for Numeric
nms_canonicalGenerate Canonical Names
nms_canonical.characterGenerate Canonical Names for Character
nms_canonical.modelGenerate Canonical Names for Model
nms_canonical.numericGenerate Canonical Names for Numeric
nms_nonmemGenerate NONMEM-style Names
nms_nonmem.characterGenerate NONMEM-style Names for Character
nms_nonmem.modelGenerate NONMEM-style Names for Model
nms_nonmem.numericGenerate NONMEM-style Names for Numeric
nms_psnGenerate PsN-style Names
nms_psn.characterGenerate PsN-style Names for Character
nms_psn.modelGenerate PsN-style Names for Model
nms_psn.numericGenerate PsN-style Names for Numeric
nonmemicaCreate and Evaluate NONMEM Models in a Project Context
num_parametersGet the Number of Parameters
num_parameters.defaultGet the Number of Declared Parameters for a NONMEM Model
offdiagIsolate Off-diagonal
offdiag.halfmatrixIsolate Off-diagonal of Half Matrix
ordCalculate Order
ord.halfmatrixCalculate Order for Half Matrix
ord.initsIdentify the order of an inits
ord.itemsIdentify the Order of an Items Object
ord.matrixCalculate Order for Matrix
paddedPad Numeric with Zeros
parametersGet Parameters
parameters.characterGet Parameters for Character
parameters.numericGet Parameters for Numeric
parensEnclose in Parentheses
partabCreate Parameter Table
partab.characterCreate a Parameter Table from Model Name
partab.numericCreate Model Parameter Table from Number.
poolCompare Sets
prettycomPretty-print a Comment
prettycom.characterPretty-print a Comment for Character
print.halfmatrixPrint Half Matrix
print.initPrint init
print.initsPrint inits
print.itemsPrint Items
print.modelPrint model
problemIdentify the Model Problem Statement
problem_Identify the Single Model Problem Statement
problem.characterIdentify the Model Problem Statement for Character
problem.numericIdentify the Model Problem Statement for Numeric
read.modelRead model
relativizePathRelativize a Path
resolveResolve File Path
row_colCreate Indexed Model Parameter Table from Xml_document
runheadFind Positions in a Vector that Differ from Previous
runlogCreate a Runlog
runlog.characterCreate a Runlog for Character
runlog.numericCreate a Runlog for Numeric
shuffleMove the Columns of a Data Frame Relative to Each Other
specfileIdentify Specfile
specfile.characterIdentify the Data Specification File for a Model
specfile.numericIdentify Specfile from Numeric
sub-.initsSubset inits
sub-.modelSubset model
sub-sub-.modelSelect model Element
supersetCoerce to Superset
superset.characterCoerce to Superset from Character
superset.numericCoerce to Superset from Numeric
superspecCreate Specification for Model Inputs and Outputs
superspec.characterCreate Specification for Model Inputs and Outputs From...
superspec.numericCreate Specification for Model Inputs and Outputs From...
tadCalculate Time Since Most Recent Dose
tad1A NONMEM-like Dataset
text2decimalConvert Text to Decimal
todCalculate Time of Most Recent Dose
tweakTweak Something
tweak.defaultTweak a Model by Default
tweak.initTweak Init
tweak.initsTweak inits
tweak.modelTweak Model
updatedCreate the Updated Version of Something
updated.characterCreate the Updated Version of Character
updated.numericCreate the Updated Version of Numeric
upperGet Upper Value
upper.modelGet Upper Bounds for Model Initial Estimates
upper-setSet Upper Value
upper-set-.modelSet Upper Bounds for Model Initial Estimates
val_nameCreate Model Parameter Table from Xml_document
write.modelWrite model
xpathEvaluate Xpath Expression
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