Man pages for nor1mix
Normal (1-d) Mixture Models (S3 Classes and Methods)

clus2norMixTransform Clustering / Grouping to Normal Mixture
dnorMixNormal Mixture Density
llnorMixLikelihood, Parametrization and EM-Steps For 1D Normal...
MarronWandMarron-Wand Densities as 'norMix' Objects
norMixMixtures of Univariate Normal Distributions
norMixFitEM and MLE Estimation of Univariate Normal Mixtures
plot.norMixPlotting Methods for 'norMix' Objects
pnorMixNormal Mixture Cumulative Distribution and Quantiles
rnorMixGenerate 'Normal Mixture' Distributed Random Numbers
r.norMixRatio of Normal Mixture to Corresponding Normal
sort.norMixSort Method for "norMix" Objects
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