Man pages for norm
Analysis of multivariate normal datasets with missing values missing value code to NA
da.normData augmentation for incomplete multivariate normal data
em.normEM algorithm for incomplete normal data
getparam.normExtract normal parameters from packed storage
imp.normImpute missing multivariate normal data
loglik.normObserved-data loglikelihood for normal data
logpost.normObserved-data log-posterior for normal data
makeparam.normConvert normal parameters to packed storage
mda.normMonotone data augmentation for incomplete multivariate normal...
mdataDataset with missing values to illustrate use of package norm
mi.inferenceMultiple imputation inference NA's to single precision missing value code
ninvwishRandom normal-inverted Wishart variate
prelim.normPreliminary manipulations for a matrix of incomplete...
rngseedInitialize random number generator seed
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