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Multiple Comparisons and Simultaneous Confidence Intervals

appetiteAppetite scores of colorectal cancer patients
coluNumbers of corpora lutea
gaoNonparametric multiple test procedure for many-to-one...
gao_csNonparametric multiple test procedure for all-pairs...
implaNumbers of implantations
liverRelative liver weights
mctpNonparam. multiple contrast tests and simult. confidence...
mctp.rmMCTP and SCIs in a repeated measures design (one group)
nparcompNonparametric relative contrast effects
nparcomp-packageNparcomp: Nonparametric relative contrast effects.
npar.t.testThe nonparametric Behrens-Fisher problem
npar.t.test.pairedA 2-sample nonparametric studentized permutation test for...
panicClinical Global Impression (CGI) Scores
PGIPatient Rated Global Impression (PGI) Scores
plot.mctpVisualizing the result of 'mctp'
plot.mctp.rmVisualizing the result of 'mctp.rm'
plot.nparcompVisualizing the result of 'nparcomp'
plot.nparttestVisualizing the result of 'npar.t.test'
plot.nparttestpairedVisualizing the result of 'npar.t.test.paired'
reactionReaction times of mice [sec]
summary.mctpSummary of 'mctp'
summary.mctp.rmSummary of 'mctp.rm'
summary.nparcompSummary of 'nparcomp'
summary.nparttestSummary of 'npar.t.test'
summary.nparttestpairedSummary of 'npar.t.test'
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