Man pages for nphPower
Sample Size Calculation under Non-Proportional Hazards

cal_eventEvent Rate Calculation
evalfupVisualization of the Relationship between Follow-up and...
gen.wgtWeight Function Generation
lungLung cancer data set
MaxLRtestMaximum Weighted Logrank Test
n2pwr.NPHPower Calculation with Combination Test
plotHazSurvGraphic Display of Hazard and Survival Function
plot.MaxLRGraphical Display of Weight Functions
plot.NPHpwrGraphical Display of Design Parameters in Sample Size...
projection.testProjection test
pwr2n.LRSample Size Calculation under Proportional Hazards
pwr2n.NPHSample Size Calculation with Combination Test
simu.trialSimulate Survival Trial Data
summary.NPHpwrSummary of the 'pwr2n.NPH' function
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