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Nuclear Penalized Multinomial Regression

cv.npmrCross-validated nuclear penalized multinomial regression
logLLog-likelihood for multinomial regression model
npmrNuclear penalized multinomial regression
npmr-packageNuclear penalized multinomial regression
nuclearNuclear norm of a matrix
objectiveNPMR objective function
objectiveFastShortcut computation for NPMR objective function
PGDnpmrProximal gradient descent for nuclear penalized multinomial... the regression coefficient matrix fit by...
plot.npmrVisualize the regression coefficient matrix fit by... predictions from a "cv.npmr" object
predict.npmrMake predictions from a "npmr" object a "cv.npmr" object
print.npmrSummarize a "npmr" object
proxProximal operator for nuclear norm
VowelVowel Recognition
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