Man pages for npregfast
Nonparametric Estimation of Regression Models with Factor-by-Curve Interactions

allotestBootstrap based test for testing an allometric model
autoplot.frfastVisualization of 'frfast' objects with ggplot2 graphics
barnacleBarnacle dataset.
childrenChildren dataset.
criticalCritical points of the regression function
criticaldiffDifferences between the critical points for two factor's...
frfastFitting nonparametric models
globaltestTesting the equality of the _M_ curves specific to each level
localtestTesting the equality of critical points
plot.frfastVisualization of 'frfast' objects with the base graphics
predict.frfastPrediction from fitted 'frfast' model
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
runExampleRun npregfast example
summary.frfastSummarizing fits of 'frfast' class
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