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Flood Estimation Handbook flood peak data CD-ROM.





am is the data.frame of the annual maximum flows with 3 columns: number, the code of the station; date, date of the annual maximum; year, year of the annual maximum (we consider hydrologic year: 1 october - 30 september); am, the value of the annual maximum flow [m3/s].

cd is the data.frame of parameters of 1000 catchements with 24 columns: number, the code of the station; nominal_area, catchment drainage area [km2]; nominal_ngr_x, basin outflow coordinates [m]; nominal_ngr_y, basin outflow coordinates [m]; ihdtm_ngr_x, basin outflow coordinates by Institute of Hydrology digital terrain model [m]; ihdtm_ngr_y, basin outflow coordinates by Institute of Hydrology digital terrain model [m]; dtm_area, catchment drainage area [km2] derived by CEH using their DTM (IHDTM); saar4170, standard average annual rainfall 1941-1970 [mm]; bfihost, baseflow index derived from HOST soils data; sprhost, standard percentage runoff derived from HOST soils data; farl, index of flood attenuation due to reservoirs and lakes; saar, standard average annual rainfall 1961-1990 [mm]; rmed_1d, median annual maximum 1-day rainfall [mm]; rmed_2d, median annual maximum 2-days rainfall [mm]; rmed_1h, median annual maximum 1-hour rainfall [mm]; smdbar, mean SMD (soil moisture deficit) for the period 1961-1990 calculated from MORECS month-end values [mm]; propwet, proportion of time when soil moisture deficit <=6 mm during 1961-90, defined using MORECS; ldp, longest drainage path [km], defined by recording the greatest distance from a catchment node to the defined outlet; dplbar, mean drainage path length [km]; altbar, mean catchment altitude [m]; dpsbar, mean catchement slope [m/km]; aspbar, index representing the dominant aspect of catchment slopes (its values increase clockwise from zero to 360, starting from the north). Mean direction of all inter-nodal slopes with north being zero; aspvar, index describing the invariability in aspect of catchment slopes. Values close to one when all slopes face a similar direction; urbext1990, extent of urban and suburban land cover in 1990 [fraction].


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