Man pages for nser
Bhavcopy and Live Market Data from National Stock Exchange (NSE) India for Equities and Equity Derivatives (F&O)

bhavBhavcopy from NSE
bhavfosFutures and Options (F&o) Bhavcopy through RSelenium
bhavprBhavcopy PR from NSE
bhavsEquity Bhavcopy through RSelenium
bhavtodayGet Bhavcopy for the present day
dailydataDaily data of a stock
daytoweekConvert Daily data of a stock to Weekly data
fobhavFutures and Options Bhavcopy from NSE
fobhavtodayGet F&O Bhavcopy for the present day
nseindexNSE Nifty Indices
nseipoCurrent and Upcoming IPO's on NSE.
nseliveNSE Live Market data
nseopenNSE Pre Open Market
nsetreeTreemap for Nifty50 and F&O Securities
pipePipe operator
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