Man pages for numOSL
Numeric Routines for Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating

analyseBINdataBIN data analysis
as_analyseBINTransfom SAR data sets into S3 class object "analyseBIN"
calDAAnnual dose rate (age) calculation
calEDEquivalent dose calculation and error assessment
calRcyRcpRecycling ratio and recuperation calculation
calSAREDSAR equivalent doses calculation and selection
calSGCEDSGC Equivalent dose calculation and selection
dbEDDe distribution summarization
decompOSL decay curve decomposition
EDdataEquivalent dose values
fastEDFast-component equivalent dose calculation
fitGrowthGrowth curve fitting
loadBINdataBIN file loading (importing)
lsNORMRegenerative-dose signal optimization using the...
mcFMMFinite mixture age model optimization (using a Markov chain...
mcMAMMinimum age model optimization (using a Markov chain Monte...
numOSL-packagePackage for tackling basic numeric problems in optically...
pickBINdataBIN data set selection
pickSARdataSAR data set selection
psRadialPlotPseudo radial plot drawing
RadialPlotterStatistical age model optimization (with a Maximum Likelihood...
reportSAMReporting MCMC outputs for statistical age models
SARdataData sets used for SAR equivalent dose calculation
scaleSGCNNatural-dose signal re-scaling
SignaldataDecay curves datasets
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