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Data for "R in a Nutshell"

batting.2008MLB Batting Data, 2008 Season
births2006.smplBirths in the United States, 2006
consumptionPer capita US Food Consumption 1980-2005
doctoratesDoctorates Awarded in the United States, 2001-2006
dow30Dow 30 Stock Quotes This data frame contains stock quotes for...
field.goals2005 Field Goal Attempts
GSE2034Breast cancer relapse free survival
ham.price.tsHam Price Time Series
medicare.paymentsAverage Medicare Payment Data Payments by State
mort06.smplUS Mortality Data, 2006 outcome of care measures
sanfrancisco.home.salesSan Franciscio Home Sales Data
shillerShiller Home Price Index
spambaseSpambase Data Set
SPECint2006SPECint2006 Results
team.batting.00to08MLB Team Batting Statistics, 2000-2008
tires.susStepped Up Speed Tire Failure Test Data
top.bacon.searching.citiesTop Bacon Searching Cities
toxins.and.cancerToxins and Cancer
turkey.price.tsMonthly Average Turkey Price, January 2001 to April 2008
yosemiteYosemite Valley Elevation Data
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