Man pages for nws
R functions for NetWorkSpaces and Sleigh

batchNodeListNodeList Functions
ccscmdSleigh Auxiliary Function
checkSleigh-methodsNumber of Results Pending From Sleigh
close-methodsClose a Sleigh or netWorkSpace
cmdLaunchsleigh Auxiliary Function
defaultSleighOptionsDefault Sleigh Options Environment
eachElem-methodsApply a Function in Parallel over a Set of Lists and Vectors
eachWorker-methodsExecute a Function in Parallel on all Workers of a Sleigh
envcmdSleigh Auxiliary Function
export-methodssleigh Class Method
germandataGerman Credit data
isClosureDetermine if a Worker Function is a Closure
launchSleigh Auxiliary Function
lsfcmdSleigh Auxiliary Function
lsfSleighsleigh Auxiliary Function
netWorkSpace-classNetWorkSpaces Objects
netWorkSpaceObject-methodssleigh Class Method
nwsClose-methodsClose a netWorkSpace
nwsDeclare-methodsDeclare a netWorkSpace Variable
nwsDeleteVar-methodsDelete a Variable from a netWorkSpace
nwsDeleteWs-methodsDelete a netWorkSpace
nwsFetchFile-methodsFetch a Value and Write It to a File
nwsFetch-methodsFetch a Stored Value
nwsFetchTryFile-methodsFetch a Stored Value and Write It to a File
nwsFetchTry-methodsFetch a Value from a NetWorkSpace (Non-Blocking Version)
nwsFindFile-methodsFind a Stored Value and Write It to a File
nwsFind-methodsFind a Stored Value
nwsFindTryFile-methodsFind a Stored Value and Write It to a File
nwsFindTry-methodsFind a Stored Value (Non-Blocking Version)
nwsIFetch-methodsIterate Through Values in a netWorkSpace Variable
nwsIFetchTry-methodsIterate Through Values of a netWorkSpace Variable
nwsIFind-methodsIterate Through Stored Values of a netWorkSpace Variable
nwsIFindTry-methodsIterate Through Stored Values of a netWorkSpace Variable
nwsListVars-methodsList Variables in a netWorkSpace
nwsListWss-methodsList All netWorkSpaces
nwsMktempWs-methodsCreate a Temporary netWorkSpace
nwsOpenWs-methodsCreate and Own a netWorkSpace
nws-packageThe NetWorkSpaces Package
nwsPkgInfoNetWorkSpaces Package Information
nwsServer-classClass Representing NetWorkSpaces Server
nwsServerObject-methodsReturn Server Object Associated with netWorkSpace
nwsStoreFile-methodsRead a Value from File and Store in netWorkSpace
nwsStore-methodsAssociate a Value with a Variable in netWorkSpace
nwsUseWs-methodsConnect to a netWorkSpace
nwsVariable-methodsCreate an Active Binding for a netWorkSpace Variable
nwsWsName-methodsReturn Name of a netWorkSpace
rankCount-methodsReturn a Rank Count from a Sleigh
rshcmdSleigh Auxiliary Function
rwincmdSleigh Auxiliary Function
scriptcmdSleigh Auxiliary Function
sleigh-classClass "sleigh"
sleighPending-classClass "sleighPending"
sshcmdSleigh Auxiliary Function
status-methodsCheck Status of Sleigh Workers
stopSleigh-methodsStop a Sleigh
unexport-methodssleigh Class Method
waitSleigh-methodsWait for Results from Sleigh
workerCount-methodsFind the Number of Workers in a Sleigh
workerInfo-methodssleigh Class Method
workerLoopsleigh Auxiliary Function
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