fleeing_district: Driving offences in New Zealand

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A dataset of fleeing-driver incidents in New Zealand between 2009 and 2017. Only district-level detail is available. A subset of fleeing driver incidents with area-level detail is provided in the dataset fleeing_area.




A data frame with 1116 rows and 5 variables:


Number of incidents


Police district


Month of the event


General notes and caveats by the New Zealand Police:

This data contains provisional data which is drawn from a dynamic operational database. This is subject to change as new information is recorded or recoded.

Police’s Fleeing Driver Policy is based on the premise that drivers who fail to stop for Police and who flee to avoid apprehension pose risks to the public, police employees and themselves. In deciding whether or not to pursue a fleeing driver, Police must balance their responsibility to protect lives with their duty to enforce the law. If the decision is made to pursue, Police must prioritise safety by driving with a high standard of care and professionalism and in a manner appropriate to the situation. Total fleeing driver incidents are available with district-level detail only. Approximately 96



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