Man pages for oak
Trees Creation and Manipulation

ancestorsAncestors of a node
as.list.rtreeConversion of a tree to a list
as.nodeConversion to a node
as.rtreeConversion to an 'rtree' object
chainChain constructor
childrenChildren of a node
cut_leavesCut the leaves of a tree
descendantsDescendants of a node
flattenFlatten a tree
grapes-greater-than-grapesAdd a tree at the bottom of a chain
heightHeight of a tree
is.binary_treeTest if a tree is a binary tree
is.chainTest if a tree is a chain
is.nodeTest if an object is a node
is.rootTest if a node is a root of a tree
is.rootedTest if a tree has a root
is.treeTest if an object is a tree
labelLabels of nodes and trees
leavesLeaves of a tree
NodesNodes Class
parentParent of a node
print.rtreePrint trees
prunePrune a tree
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rev.rtreeReverse a chain
rootRoot(s) of a tree
rtreeTree constructor
siblingsSiblings of a node
subtreesSubtrees of a tree
take_branchTake a branch of a tree
TreeTree Class
tree_applyApply a function to each node of a tree
update.rtreeUpdate a tree with new subtrees
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