Man pages for obfuscatoR
Obfuscation Game Designs

calc_entropyCalculate Shannon's Entropy
calc_payout_dmCalculate expected payout to the decision maker
calc_payout_obsCalculate expected payout to the observer
calc_pr_aj_rkCalculate Pr(a_j|r_k)
calc_pr_guessCalculate the probability that the observer will try to guess...
calc_pr_rk_ajCalculate Pr(r_k|a_j)
calculate_entropyCalculate the entropy of each action in the design
calculate_payoutsCalculate payouts
check_design_optCheck design options
construct_designFunction to create a rule-action matrix
dot-onAttachPrint package startup message
extract_attrExtract attributes
generate_designsGenerate obfuscation designs
lastGet the last element of a vector
obfuscatoRobfuscatoR: Designs and analysis of the obfuscation game
print_designPrints the design
print_entropyPrints the entropy of the different actions
print_payoutPrint the payouts
save_designSave obfuscation designs
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