objectProperties: A factory of self-describing properties.

Supports the definition of sets of properties on objects. Observers can listen to changes on individual properties or the set as a whole. The properties are meant to be fully self-describing. In support of this, there is a framework for defining enumerated types, as well as other bounded types, as S4 classes.

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AuthorTengfei Yin, Michael Lawrence
Date of publication2011-12-13 08:36:36
MaintainerTengfei Yin <yintengfei@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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as.list Man page
as.list,-method Man page
as.list,PropertySet-method Man page
Color Man page
Color-class Man page
ColorEnum-class Man page
Enum-class Man page
GlyphEnum-class Man page
MultipleEnum-class Man page
NegativeInteger Man page
NegativeInteger-class Man page
NonnegativeInteger Man page
NonnegativeInteger-class Man page
NonpositiveInteger Man page
NonpositiveInteger-class Man page
NumericWithMin0Max1-class Man page
PositiveInteger Man page
PositiveInteger-class Man page
properties Man page
PropertySet-class Man page
setColorEnum Man page
setGlyphEnum Man page
setMultipleEnum Man page
setNumericWithRange Man page
setPropertySet Man page
setSingleEnum Man page
show,PropertySet-method Man page
SingleEnum-class Man page

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