Man pages for oblique.tree
Oblique Trees for Classification Data

generate.ith.superclassInternal Function to Identify of Ideal Outcomes
glmpathFits the entire L1 regularization path for generalized linear...
glmpath-internalInternal glmpath functions
heart.dataDataset for glmpath
last.node.of.subtreeInternal Function that finds the Last Node of Subtrees
node.impurityInternal Function to Calculate Impurity of Nodes
oblique.split.writerInternal function to Summarize Information about Oblique...
oblique.treeFit an Oblique Tree to Classification Data
oblique.tree.complexityInternal Function that Quantifies the Complexity of Oblique...
oblique.tree.prune.nodesInternal Function that Prunes Oblique Tree Objects
plot.trim.sequencePlot a Trim Sequence
predict.glmpathMakes predictions at particular points along the fitted...
predict.oblique.treePredictions from Fitted Oblique Tree Object
prune.oblique.treeCost-complexity Pruning of Oblique Tree Object
tree.impurityInternal Function that Determines the Impurity of a Subtree
trim.oblique.treeTrims Oblique Splits of Fitted Oblique Tree Objects
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