coastlineWorldMedium: World coastline at medium-scale (1:50M) resolution

coastlineWorldMediumR Documentation

World coastline at medium-scale (1:50M) resolution


coastlineWorldMedum is analogous to coastlineWorld in the oce package, but at higher resolution, i.e. showing more detail. It is suitable for basin-scale plots; for sub-basin work, try coastlineWorldFine.


data(coastlineWorldMedium, package="ocedata")


The data for coastlineWorldMedium were downloaded from shapefile ne_50m_admin_0_countries.shp, stored at

The documentation for coastline-class in oce explains the structure of coastline objects and discusses functions that deal with them.

See Also

Other coastline files: coastlineWorldFine


# Regional plot of the Maritime provinces of Canada.
data(coastlineWorldMedium, package="ocedata")
## Not run: 
plot(coastlineWorldMedium, clongitude=-63, clatitude=45.5, span=600)

## End(Not run)

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