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This package is a light-weight wrapper around the Boost ODEINT library. It allows one to specify an ODE system in a few lines of C++. This code is inserted into a template that is compiled. The resulting Rcpp function will integrate the system.


You can also specify the model as an R function. Unlike existing packages, you can also supply an observer function that can return arbitrary data structures.

The main function is compile_sys, which takes a snippet of C++ code calculating dervatives and compiles an integrator function.

The function integrate_sys accepts an R function defining the system and an observer function to record the output in a data frame or list.


Timothy H. Keitt

Timothy H. Keitt tkeitt@gmail.com


https://github.com/thk686/odeintr, https://headmyshoulder.github.io/odeint-v2/

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