Man pages for oglmx
Estimation of Ordered Generalized Linear Models

AIC.oglmxCalculate Akaike Information Criterion
continuous.marginCalculate marginal effects for continuous variables.
D_continuous.marginsCalculate derivatives of marginal effects for continuous...
D_discrete.marginsCalculate derivatives of marginal effects for binary...
derivativesCalculate derivatives of loglikelihood
discrete.marginCalculate marginal effects for binary variables.
formula.oglmxObtain model formula for an 'oglmx' object.
getEtasConstruct ingredients for probability calculation.
logit.regFit Logit Model.
logLik.oglmxExtract log likelihood value
margins.oglmxCalculate marginal effects for 'oglmx' objects.
McFaddensR2.oglmxCalculate McFadden's R-Squared.
oglmxFit Ordered Generalized Linear Model.
oglmx-packageEstimation of Ordered Generalized Linear Models Package for...
ologit.regFit an ordered Logit model.
oprobit.regFit Ordered Probit Model.
probit.regFit Probit Model.
summary.oglmxSummarizing Ordered Discrete Outcome Model Fits
VariousVarious functions not intended for user.
vcov.oglmxCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for an oglmx Object
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