Man pages for ompr
Model and Solve Mixed Integer Linear Programs

add_constraintAdd a constraint
add_variableAdd a variable to the model
extract_constraintsExtract the constraint matrix, the right hand side and the...
get_solutionGet variable values from a solution
MIPModelCreate a new MIP Model
new_solutionCreate a new solution
nvarsNumber of variables of a model
objective_functionExtract the objective function from a model
objective_valueExtract the numerical objective value from a solution
omprA package to Model (Mixed) Integer Programs
set_boundsSet the bounds of a variable
set_objectiveSet the model objective
solve_modelSolve a model
solver_statusGet the solver status from a solution
sum_exprConstruct a sum expression
variable_boundsVariable lower and upper bounds of a model
variable_keysGet all unique names of the model variables
variable_typesVariable types of a model
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