Man pages for openSkies
An R Package to Retrieve, Analyze and Visualize Air Traffic Data

ADSBDecoderAn object of class 'adsbDecoder' object representing a...
clusterRoutesCluster aircraft trajectories based on positional features
getAircraftFlightsRetrieve flights performed by a specified aircraft during a...
getAircraftMetadataRetrieve metadata for a specified aircraft
getAircraftStateVectorsSeriesRetrieve a series of state vectors received from a specified...
getAirportArrivalsRetrieve flight arrivals into a specified airport
getAirportDeparturesRetrieve flight departures from a specified airport
getAirportMetadataRetrieve metadata for a specified airport
getIntervalFlightsRetrieve all flights registered during a time interval
getRouteMetadataRetrieve metadata for a specified route
getSingleTimeStateVectorsRetrieve all state vectors received at a given time point
getVectorSetFeaturesGet positional features of an openSkiesStateVectorSet object
getVectorSetListFeaturesGet positional features of a list of openSkiesStateVectorSet...
openSkiesAircraftAn 'R6Class' object representing an aircraft
openSkiesAirportAn 'R6Class' object representing an airport
openSkiesFlightAn 'R6Class' object representing a specific flight
openSkiesRouteAn 'R6Class' object representing a flight route
openSkiesStateVectorAn 'R6Class' object representing an aircraft state vector
openSkiesStateVectorSetAn 'R6Class' object representing an ensemble of aircraft...
plotPlanesPlot the location of a set of aircrafts
plotRoutePlot a single aircraft route
plotRoutesPlot several aircraft routes
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