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Connect to a openEO service


Connects to openEO service. If the back-end provides a well-known endpoint that allows redirecting to specific versions you should provide the version parameter.


connect(host, version = NULL, exchange_token = "access_token", ...)



URL pointing to the openEO server service host


the openEO API version number as string (optional), see also api_versions()


'access_token' or 'id_token' defines in the OIDC case the bearer token use


parameters that are passed on to login()


You can explore several already available openEO web services by using the openEO hub ( There you have an overview about their status and connection details like the URL and supported features. You can explore the service for free through the access to publicly available metadata of data collections as well as the offered processing functions. For any computation and the creation of web services, you need to register the openEO partner of your choice. There you will get further information on credentials and the log in procedure.

The ... parameter allows you to pass on arguments directly for login(). If they are omitted the client will only connect to the back-end, but does not do authentication. The user must do that manually afterwards. Based on the provided login parameters user / password or OIDC provider the appropriate login procedure for basic authentication or OIDC authentication will be chosen.

The parameter version is not required. If the service offers a well-known document of the service the client will choose an appropriate version (default the most recent production ready version).

When calling this function the OpenEOClient() is also stored in a variable in the package which marks the latest service that was connected to.

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## Not run: 
# The following examples show different configuration settings and point 
# to imaginary URLs. Please obtain a valid URL via the openEO hub and 
# register with one of the provider if required.

# connect to a host of the latest version and without authentication
con = connect(host='')

# connect to a host by direct URL and basic log in
con = connect(host='',

# connect to a host with open id connect authentication
con = connect(host='')

# connect and login with a named and valid oidc provider
con = connect(host='',

## End(Not run)

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