Man pages for opentripplanner
Setup and connect to 'OpenTripPlanner'

json_example_driveExample JSON for driving
json_example_long_driveExample JSON for driving long distance
json_example_transitExample JSON for transit
opentripplanner-packageOpenTripPlanner of R
otp_build_graphBuild an OTP Graph
otp_check_javaCheck Java version
otp_connectSet up and confirm a connection to an OTP instance.
otp_dl_demoDownload Demo Data
otp_dl_jarDownload OTP Jar File
otp_geocodeUse OTP Geo-coder to find a location
otp_isochroneGet the Isochrones from a location
otp_make_configMake Config Object
otp_planGet get a route or routes from the OTP
otp_routing_optionsMake routingOptions object
otp_setupSet up an OTP instance.
otp_stopStop and OTP Instance
otp_validate_configValidate Config Object
otp_validate_routing_optionsValidate routingOptions object
otp_write_configWrite config object as json file
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