API for optCluster
Determine Optimal Clustering Algorithm and Number of Clusters

Global functions
BHI Source code
BSI Source code
aggregPlot Man page Source code
annotationListToMatrix Source code
arabid Man page
assignGenes Source code
cl.ID Source code
clValid-class Man page
clValid2 Source code
clValidObj Man page
clusterMethods Man page
clusterMethods,clValid-method Man page
clusterResults Man page
clusterResults,optCluster-method Man page
clusters Man page
clusters,clValid-method Man page
connectivity Source code
dist.fn Source code
dunn Source code
getCellResource Source code
getCells Source code
getClValid Man page
getClValid,optCluster-method Man page
getDataset Man page
getDataset,optCluster-method Man page
getRankAggreg Man page
getRankAggreg,optCluster-method Man page
getRanksWeights Source code
getResource Source code
matchGO Source code
mbCountVal Source code
measNames Man page
measNames,clValid-method Man page
measureNames Man page
measureNames,optCluster-method Man page
measures Man page
measures,clValid-method Man page
methodNames Man page
methodNames,optCluster-method Man page
methodRanks Man page
methodRanks,optCluster-method Man page
mysilhouette Source code
nClusters Man page
nClusters,clValid-method Man page
optAssign Man page
optAssign,optCluster-method Man page
optCluster Man page Source code
optCluster-class Man page
optClusterObj Man page
optHeatmap Man page Source code
optimalScores Man page
optimalScores,optCluster-method Man page
plot,clValid,missing-method Man page
plot.sota Source code
print,clValid-method Man page
print,optCluster-method Man page
print.sota Source code
readAnnotationFile Source code
repRankAggreg Man page Source code
scoreRanks Man page
scoreRanks,optCluster-method Man page
show,clValid-method Man page
show,optCluster-method Man page
sota Source code
sota.init Source code
splitNode Source code
stability Source code
summary,clValid-method Man page
summary,optCluster-method Man page
topMethod Man page
topMethod,optCluster-method Man page
trainLeaves Source code
vClusters2 Source code
valPlot Man page Source code
valScores Man page
valScores,optCluster-method Man page
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