optR: Optimization Toolbox for Solving Linear Systems

Solves linear systems of form Ax=b via Gauss elimination, LU decomposition, Gauss-Seidel, Conjugate Gradient Method (CGM) and Cholesky methods.

AuthorPrakash (PKS Prakash) <prakash2@uwalumni.com>
Date of publication2016-11-29 15:08:40
MaintainerPrakash <prakash2@uwalumni.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

cgm: Optimization & estimation based on Conjugate Gradient Method

choleskiDecomposition: Function for Choleski Decomposition

choleskilm: Function fits linear model using Choleski Decomposition

forwardsubsitution.optR: Function to solve linear system using forward substitution

gaussSeidel: Gauss-Seidel based Optimization & estimation

hatMatrix: Function determines the Hat matrix or projection matrix for...

inv.optR: Invert a matrix using LU decomposition

jacobian: Function to evaluate jacobian matrix from functions

LU.decompose: LU decomposition

LU.optR: Solving system of equations using LU decomposition

LUsplit: Function to extract Lower and Upper matrix from LU...

machinePrecision: Function to address machine precision error

newtonRapson: Function for Newton Rapson roots for given equations

nonDiagMultipication: Non-diagnoal multipication

opt.matrix.reorder: Function to Re-order the matrix to make dominant diagnals

optR: Optimization & predictive modelling Toolsets

optR.backsubsitution: Function to solve linear system using backsubsitution

optR.default: Optimization & predictive modelling Toolsets

optR.fit: Fitter function for Linear/Non-linear system with form Ax=b

optR.formula: Optimization & predictive modelling Toolsets

optRFun: Function based optimization module

optRFun.newtonRapson: Function based optimization module

optR.gauss: gauss to solve linear systems

optR.multiplyfactor: Function to estimate lambda

predict.optR: Prediction function based on optR class

print.optR: print coefficients for optR class

summary.optR: Generate Summary for optR class

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