optR: Optimization Toolbox for Solving Linear Systems

Solves linear systems of form Ax=b via Gauss elimination, LU decomposition, Gauss-Seidel, Conjugate Gradient Method (CGM) and Cholesky methods.

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AuthorPrakash (PKS Prakash) <prakash2@uwalumni.com>
Date of publication2016-11-29 15:08:40
MaintainerPrakash <prakash2@uwalumni.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

cgm: Optimization & estimation based on Conjugate Gradient Method

choleskiDecomposition: Function for Choleski Decomposition

choleskilm: Function fits linear model using Choleski Decomposition

forwardsubsitution.optR: Function to solve linear system using forward substitution

gaussSeidel: Gauss-Seidel based Optimization & estimation

hatMatrix: Function determines the Hat matrix or projection matrix for...

inv.optR: Invert a matrix using LU decomposition

jacobian: Function to evaluate jacobian matrix from functions

LU.decompose: LU decomposition

LU.optR: Solving system of equations using LU decomposition

LUsplit: Function to extract Lower and Upper matrix from LU...

machinePrecision: Function to address machine precision error

newtonRapson: Function for Newton Rapson roots for given equations

nonDiagMultipication: Non-diagnoal multipication

opt.matrix.reorder: Function to Re-order the matrix to make dominant diagnals

optR: Optimization & predictive modelling Toolsets

optR.backsubsitution: Function to solve linear system using backsubsitution

optR.default: Optimization & predictive modelling Toolsets

optR.fit: Fitter function for Linear/Non-linear system with form Ax=b

optR.formula: Optimization & predictive modelling Toolsets

optRFun: Function based optimization module

optRFun.newtonRapson: Function based optimization module

optR.gauss: gauss to solve linear systems

optR.multiplyfactor: Function to estimate lambda

predict.optR: Prediction function based on optR class

print.optR: print coefficients for optR class

summary.optR: Generate Summary for optR class


cgm Man page
choleskiDecomposition Man page
choleskilm Man page
forwardsubsitution.optR Man page
gaussSeidel Man page
hatMatrix Man page
inv.optR Man page
jacobian Man page
LU.decompose Man page
LU.optR Man page
LUsplit Man page
machinePrecision Man page
newtonRapson Man page
nonDiagMultipication Man page
opt.matrix.reorder Man page
optR Man page
optR.backsubsitution Man page
optR.default Man page
optR.fit Man page
optR.formula Man page
optRFun Man page
optRFun.newtonRapson Man page
optR.gauss Man page
optR.multiplyfactor Man page
predict.optR Man page
print.optR Man page
summary.optR Man page

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