Man pages for optiRum
Financial Functions & More

APRCalculates the compound interest rate for a loan
calcNetIncomeCalculate income after tax and benefits
CJ.dtCross join two data.tables
convertToXMLProduce an XML document of a table
generatePDFConvert an .Rnw file to a PDF
giniChartProduce a ROC curve with gini coefficient title
giniCoefProduce a gini coefficient
logit.oddConvert a logit to odds
logit.probConvert a logit to probability
multiplotMultiple plot function
odd.logitConvert an odd into a logit
odd.probConvert an odds to probability
optiRumoptiRum is a helper package
PMTCalculates the repayment for a loan
pounds_formatCurrency formatter: round to nearest penny and display pounds...
prob.logitConvert a probability into a logit
prob.oddConvert a probability into odds probability
PVCalculates the present value
RATECalculates compounded interest rate
sanitiseA cleaning function for special characters
scaledScoreProduce a scaled score based on a logit
taxYearReturns the UK financial tax year for a given date
theme_optimumProduce an Optimum-standard base chart
thousands_formatThousands formatter: format number with commas separating the...
wordwrapProduce a string with one word per line
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