Man pages for optimStrat
Choosing the Sample Strategy

absdifAbsolute Difference
desmseDesign Mean Squared Error
expmseAnticipated Mean Squared Error
expmsepipsAnticipated Mean Squared Error of a PIps design
expmsestsiAnticipated Mean Squared Error of a STSI design
gkComputes the gk
optialloOptimal allocation in stratified simple random sampling
optimAppInteractive Web-based Application of optimStrat
pincInclusion probabilities in a PIps design
simulateySimulate the Study Variable
skewnessSample Skewness
stratifyStratification of an Auxiliary Variable
varpipsVariance of Pareto PIps Sampling with the HT Estimator
varpipsposDesign variance of a PIps-pos sampling strategy.
varpipsregDesign variance of a PIps-reg sampling strategy.
varstsiVariance of STSI Sampling with the HT Estimator
varstsiposDesign variance of a STSI-pos sampling strategy.
varstsiregDesign variance of a STSI-reg sampling strategy.
vkCalculate the values of the function f.
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