Defines functions assert.classstring

Documented in assert.classstring

# Copyright (C) 2008-2009 - INRIA - Michael Baudin
# Copyright (C) 2009-2010 - DIGITEO - Michael Baudin
# Copyright (C) 2010-2014 - Sebastien Bihorel
# This file must be used under the terms of the CeCILL.
# This source file is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which
# you should have received as part of this distribution. The terms
# are also available at
# http://www.cecill.info/licences/Licence_CeCILL_V2-en.txt
# This source code is a R port of the optimbase component
# originally written by Michael Baudin for Scilab.

assert.classstring <- function(var=NULL,varname=NULL,ivar=NULL){
  if (is.null(var))
    stop('assert.classstring: no input specified, the variable cannot be checked.',
  # Generates an error if the given variable is not of type string
  if (!is.character(var)){
    if (is.null(varname) | is.null(ivar)){
      stop(sprintf('assert.classstring: Expected real variable but got %s instead',
    } else {
      stop(sprintf('assert.classstring: Expected character variable for variable %s at input #%d, but got %s instead.',

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