Man pages for optimsimplex
R Port of the 'Scilab' Optimsimplex Module

optimsimplexS3 optimsimplex class
optimsimplex.computefvComputation of Function Value(s)
optimsimplex.destroyErase Simplex Object
optimsimplex.getallOptimsimplex Get Function Class
optimsimplex.gradientfvSimplex Gradient
optimsimplex.logOptimsimplex Logging
optimsimplex-packageR port of the Scilab optimsimplex module
optimsimplex.reflectSimplex Reflection
optimsimplex.setallOptimsimplex Set Function Class
optimsimplex.shrinkSimplex Shrink
optimsimplex.utilsOptimsimplex Utility Functions
osimplexS3 osimplex and vertex classes
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