Man pages for optionstrat
Utilizes the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model to Perform Strategic Option Analysis and Plot Option Strategies

calldeltaCall Delta
callevalCall Option Evaluation
callgreekCall Option Greek
callpremiumCall Premium
callrhoCall Rho
callthetaCall Theta
dvDouble Vertical Spread Analytics
iv.calcImplied Volatility Calculation
optevalDual Option Evaluation
optiongammaOption Gamma
optionvegaOption Vega
plotbearcallPlot Bear Call Spread
plotbearputPlot Bear Put Spread
plotbullcallPlot Bull Call Spread
plotbullputPlot Bull Put Spread
plotdvPlot Double Vertical Spread
plotverticalPlot Custom Vertical Spread
prob.aboveProbability Above
prob.belowProbability Below
prob.btwnProbability Between
putdeltaPut Delta
putevalPut Option Evaluation
putgreekPut Option Greek
putpremiumPut Premium
putrhoPut Rho
putthetaPut Theta
r.contContinuously Compounded Rate
tdiffTime Difference
verticalVertical Spread Analytics
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