Do plain monte carlo with target density

Description Usage Arguments Value


Do plain monte carlo with target density


1, mixture.param, fname = "f", rpname = "rp")



number of samples


mixture.param = list(p, J, ...), where p is the dimension of the sample, and J is the number of mixture components, including the defensive one. mixture.param should be compatible with user defined functions f(n, j, mixture.param), rp(n, mixture.param), rq(n, j, mixture.param), dp(xmat, mixture.param), dq(xmat, j, mixture.param)


name of user defined function fname(xmat, j, mixture.param). xmat is an n \times p matrix of n samples with p dimensions. fname returns a vector of function values for each row in xmat. fname is defined for j = 1, \cdots, J. j = 1, \cdots, J - 1 corresponds to different proposal mixture components, and j = J corresponds to the defensive mixture component.


name of user definded function rpname(n, mixture.param). It generates n random samples from target distribution pname. Parameters can be specified in mixture.param. rpname returns an n \times p matrix.


a list of


number of samples for the plain monte carlo


estimated E_p f from plain monte carlos samples


estimated sd for mu.hat

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