Defines functions print.orcutt

Documented in print.orcutt

print.orcutt <-
function (x, ...){
  # title
  cat("Cochrane-orcutt estimation for first order autocorrelation \n \n")
  # formula
  # number of interaction
  cat("\n number of interaction:" , x$number.interaction)
  # rho
  cat("\n rho" , round(x$rho,6))
  cat("\n\nDurbin-Watson statistic \n(original):   ", format(round(x$DW[1],5), nsmall=5),", p-value:", format(x$DW[2], scientific=TRUE, digits = 4))
  cat("\n(transformed):", format(round(x$DW[3],5), nsmall=5),", p-value:", format(x$DW[4], scientific=TRUE, digits = 4))
  # coefficients
  cat("\n \n coefficients: \n" )

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