Man pages for ordinalCont
Ordinal Regression Analysis for Continuous Scales

anova.ocmAnova method for Continuous Ordinal Fits
ANZ0001ANZ0001 trial
ANZ0001.subANZ0001 trial subset
coef.ocmExtract Model Coefficients
deviance.ocmExtract the deviance from a fitted Continuous Ordinal Model
extractAIC.ocmExtract AIC from a fitted Continuous Ordinal Model
fitted.ocmExtract Model Fitted Values
formula.ocmModel Formulae
logLik.ocmExtract Log-likelihood for a Continuous Ordinal Model
model.frame.ocmModel Frame
model.matrix.ocmModel Matrix
neck_painNeck pain data set
negloglik4Penalized log-likelihood function
nobs.ocmExtract Model Coefficients
ocmOrdinal regression for continuous scales
plot.ocmPlot method for Continuous Ordinal Fits
plot.predict.ocmPlot probability densities from output of predict method
predict.ocmPredict method for Continuous Ordinal Fits
print.anova.ocmPrint anova.ocm objects
print.ocmPrint Continuous Ordinal Regression Objects
print.predict.ocmPrint the output of predict method
summary.ocmSummarizing Continuous Ordinal Fits
terms.ocmModel Terms
vcov.ocmVariance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Model Object
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