Man pages for ordinalgmifs
Ordinal Regression for High-Dimensional Data

coef.ordinalgmifsExtract Model Coefficients
eyediseaseEye Disease Risk Factors
hccframeLiver Cancer Methylation Data
ordinalgmifsOrdinal Generalized Monotone Incremental Forward Stagewise...
ordinalgmifs-internalFunctions Called by ordinalgmifs Functions, Not by the User
ordinalgmifs-packageOrdinal Response Regression for High-Dimensional Data
plot.ordinalgmifsPlot Solution Path for Ordinal GMIFS Fitted Model.
predict.ordinalgmifsPredicted Probabilities and Class for Ordinal GMIFS Fit.
print.ordinalgmifsPrint the Contents of an Ordinal GMIFS Fitted Object.
summary.ordinalgmifsSummarize an Ordinal GMIFS Object.
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