Man pages for orthogonalsplinebasis
Orthogonal B-Spline Basis Functions

evaluate-methodsGeneric evaluate method
expand.knotsExpands knots for appropriate number of knots in bsplines
fitLSFitting splines with penalized least squares.
GramMatrixComputing the Gram Matrix for a set of Spline Basis
HankelGenerating a Hankel Matrix
integrate-methodsMethods for Function integrate
MatrixPowerMatrix Power
OrthogonalizeBasisOrthogonalize a Spline Basis
orthogonalize-methodsMethods for Function orthogonalize
orthogonalsplinebasisA Matrix Representation for Spline Basis Functions
OuterProdSecondDerivativeOuter Product of Second Derivatives of Spline Bases
SplineBasisCreating and SplineBasis Objects.
SplineBasis-classClasses "SplineBasis" and "OrthogonalSplineBasis"
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