license_by_keyword: Get OSI-listed licenses with a particular keyword

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license_by_keyword retrieves a list of all the metadata associated with OSI-listed licenses that contain a particular, user-provided keyword.





The keyword to search for. Acceptable keywords are:

  • osi-approved This license has been OSI Approved.

  • redundant This license is redundant with a more widely used license.

  • permissive

  • copyleft This license requires derived works remain Open Source.

  • obsolete This license is considered obsolete by its authors.

  • miscellaneous

  • popular This license is widely used.

  • discouraged This license's use is actively discouraged.

  • non-reusable This license isn't generally usable outside of the authoring organization.

  • special-purpose This license suits a very special purpose.

  • retired This license has been retired by the issuer.


arguments to pass to httr's GET.


a list of licenses and their metadata (themselves in the form of lists) which can be provided to other functions such as license_text

See Also

license_text, which can consume the results of this function, as well as license_by_id for an alternate way of looking up particular licenses.


# Get copyleft licenses
copyleft_licenses <- license_by_keyword("copyleft")

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