Man pages for osmar
OpenStreetMap and R

as_igraphConvert osmar object to igraph
as_osmConvert osmar object to OSM-XML
as_osmarConvert OSM-XML to an osmar object
as_osmar_bboxBounding box converter generic
as_osmar_spConvert sp object to an osmar object
as_spConvert osmar object to sp object
bboxGet OSM elements
binary_grepBinary operators for grep-like functions
c.osmarCombine osmar objects
dim.osmarDimension of osmar objects
findFind element for a given condition
find_downFind all elements related to an ID
find_nearest_nodeFind nearest node with given conditions
get_osmGet OSM data
mucObject of class osmar from central Munich
osm_crsCRS for OpenStreetMap
osm_descriptorsElement descriptors
osmsource_apiAPI OSM data source
osmsource_fileOSM file data source
osmsource_osmosisOsmosis OSM data source
plot.osmarPlot osmar object
subset.osmarSubset an osmar object
summary.osmarSummarize osmar objects
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