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Calculates weighted R2 of a univariate weighted linear model with dateNm as x and myVar as y using the workhorse and lm.wfit functions.


CalcR2(myVar, dataFl, dateNm, weightNm = NULL, imputeValue = NULL)



Name of variable to model.


A data.table, containing myVar, dateNm, and weightNm.


Name of column containing the date variable (to be modeled as numeric); this date column must not have NA's.


Name of column containing row weights. If weights equal one, then the function will be called, otherwise the lm.wfit will be called. The weights column must not have NA's.


Either NULL or numeric. If NULL, model will be fit on only non-NA components of myVar. If numeric, missing cases of myVar will be imputed to imputeValue.


A numeric value of R2.


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