Man pages for outbreaker2
Bayesian Reconstruction of Disease Outbreaks by Combining Epidemiologic and Genomic Data

bind_to_functionEncloses argument in a function's environment
create_configSet and check parameter settings of outbreaker
create_paramInitializes outputs for outbreaker
custom_likelihoodsCustomise likelihood functions for outbreaker
custom_movesCustomise samplers for outbreaker
custom_priorsCustomise priors for outbreaker
fake_outbreakSmall simulated outbreak
get_cpp_apiAccess internal C++ rountines used in outbreaker2
outbreakeroutbreaker2: main function for reconstructing disease...
outbreaker_chainsBasic methods for processing outbreaker results
outbreaker_dataProcess input data for outbreaker
outbreaker_packageoutbreaker2: a platform for disease outbreak reconstruction
palettesColor palettes used in outbreaker
sim_ctdSimulate contact data from a transmission tree
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