Man pages for outsider.base
Base Package for 'Outsider'

arglist_getGenerate vector of arguments
arglist_parseNormalise arguments for docker container
console-methodsMethods for printing to console
container-classDocker container class and methods
default_log_setSet default log streams
dirpath_getConvert file path to directory path
docker_buildBuild a docker image
docker_cmdRun docker command
docker_cpCopy files to and from container
docker_ids_getGet docker names for a module
docker_img_lsList the number of installed images
docker_img_rmRemove docker image
docker_ps_countCount docker processes
docker_pullPull an image from DockerHub.
exec_internalExecute system commands and wait for response
exec_waitExecute system commands and wait for response
filestosend_getDetermine which arguments are filepaths
image_installInstall module's image
is_docker_availableCheck if Docker is installed and running
is_docker_installedCheck if Docker is installed
is_docker_runningCheck if Docker is running
is_filepathIs a filepath?
is_installedIs module installed?
is_server_connectedIs server connected?
log_getReturn log stream option
log_setSet log streams for console output
meta_getGet outsider module details
modules_listList all installed outsider modules
outsider.baseoutsider.base: Base Package for outsider.
outsider-classConstruct outsider object
pkg_installInstall outsider module package
server_connectConnect to a server
server_disconnectDisconnect from a server
server_downloadDownload from server
server_fetchFetch server "session"
server_uploadUpload to server
to_basenameReduce to filepaths to basename
uninstallUninstall and remove a module
wd_getReturn working directory
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