Man pages for owl
Generalized Linear Models Regularized with the Sorted L1-Norm

caretSlopeOwlModel objects for model tuning with caret
coef.OwlObtain coefficients
deviance.OwlModel deviance
heartHeart disease
interpolateCoefficientsInterpolate coefficients
interpolatePenaltyInterpolate penalty values
owlGeneralized linear models regularized with the SLOPE (OWL)...
owl-packageowl: Generalized Linear Models Regularized with the Sorted...
plotDiagnosticsPlot results from diagnostics collected during model fitting
plot.OwlPlot coefficients
plot.TrainedOwlPlot results from cross-validation
predict.OwlGenerate predictions from owl models
print.OwlPrint results from owl fit
scoreCompute one of several loss metrics on a new data set
setupDiagnosticsSetup a data.frame of diagnostics
studentStudent performance
trainOwlTrain a owl model
wineWine cultivars
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